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Good morning dearest friends!

Today’s post is part of  the Montessori Inspired Activities for Preschoolers book tour.


When we started our homeschooling journey, a few months ago, there was a lot of confusion. I have decided not to discuss the details or the reasons that led to that decision because I would like our children’s life to remain as private a possible, but I will say that it was sudden and it was preceded by a lot of stress.

I had never planned to homeschool my children and one of the things that worried me the most was what to do with them all day long, how to make sure that they learnt what they needed to learn and that they were stimulated and engaged with the activities I could prepare- and how to do all this on a budget, because the decision didn’t come with a winning lottery ticket.

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I was used to planning tons of activities for he Summer months…but this was a longer period of time and, to be honest, at first I fell scared. Montessori inspired activities for preschoolers (Remember when I first talked about it in this post?) was Godsend during those days and it still is one of the books we use more often at home.


Why? Because the activities are super simple to put in practice in a matter of seconds, most of them can be done with things you already have at home and kids love them.  Besides, all activities are very adaptable to each child’s development and Jo provides suggestions for increasing difficulty when your child is ready, so I can make small twists here and there and they never get bored!

PicMonkey Collage

Every day, we make at least a couple of activities from the book, whether it is threading beads, pouring, building structures, observing shapes, matching, or simply spooning or preparing a snack. The beauty of the Montessori system and the genius way in which Jo has made it accessible, is that the everyday is transformed into a learning experience.

Take the pictures above, for example. The sculptures that Luka and Zoe were building were supposed to be made with marshmallows. But we noticed that the styrofoam peanuts that came with the packaging of my new computer had a similar shape, so we had tons of fun using those for hours. Then we talked about the shapes we created, about balance (why a structure made with two peanuts only was falling down, for example) and did some matching, by grouping shapes together. Finally the shapes became characters and we ended up inventing silly stories! A whole afternoon of fun with a couple of packaging peanuts!

Or check the home made sensory box below. We made it by adding different kitchen items and small toys (but we keep changing the toys, to be honest). The kids use it as a sensory box, as a way to de-stress by just playing with the orzo and rice in it, as a ” swimming pool” for their toys during creative play and we also practice fine motor skills by spooning objects in and out, or by transferring them using pincers.


So, my friends, if you need a book that you can use with your children over and over again and that is full of simple activities that your child will love, look no further. This book is my Bible**


 * Montessori inspired activities for preschoolers was written by my friend Jo Ebisujima . Over 6 years ago Jo, who lives in Japan with her husband and her 8 year old son and runs the course My Organized Chaos ,  started blogging about the Montessori activities that she did at home when her son was little. As they were on a tight budget so many of the activities were done using everyday household equipment. Jo believes that the Montessori method should be available to every child.

The book is also available on the Book Depository with free International Shipping

**None of the links in this post are affiliate, which means that I don’t make money if you buy the book. I participated in this blog tour because I truly love the book and I am thankful to Jo for having written it.

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